All About Us


All About Us

Founder of TKH Sound Production and
Hmong Christian Music Ministry
In 1984, we attended "Hlub" at Maranatha Bible Camp in North Platt, Nebraska. We found the youth musical group at the youth annual conference much enthusiastic and very up lifting. During this time, praise and worship in local church is still very traditional and has no music.

After the conference, several close friends, Pob Tsuas Lis (Mani), Nyaj Haam, Teeb Haam, Lwm Vaaj, Nub Vaaj, and Pov Hawj from Banning, California got together and decided that we must form our own Christian youth musical group because we saw what a difference music can do in a song. Our goal was to learn music and perform during praise and worship in our local church. Because we had the same desired, we decided to approach our Pastor and the Board about our vision. We were surprised how wonderful and supportive the Board was with our vision. We were only asking for an approval and yet they went ahead and purchased all the necessary instruments we needed to get started. The Lord is truly wonderful and giving.

The truth is we have no music experience. None of us know how to read notes. However, we really wanted to achieve our goal, so we learned and practiced hard. We tried to get music lessons but we could not afford it since we were all in high school and have no income. We could not find anyone willing to give us free lessons; so we purchased instrumental books and teach one another. No matter how difficult the road was, we were determined to make it happened. We self-taught and self-learned for about 4-5 months from books. After several months, it was to our own surprise that we became pretty proficient in playing several types of instruments.

As we became better players, we wanted to do more than just performed in local churches. We came up with a second goal. We wanted to have our own album. With this passion in mind, in early 1986, we recorded our 1st album "Txuj Kev Hlub" which was a sold out. After this album, we saw God's love for us and decided to be a band. We named the band "Txuj Kev Hlub," after our 1st album since it was such a success. Txuj Kev Hlub (TKH) produced five albums.

After the fifth album, we decided to merge with another group of friends, and we changed it's name to "The Messengers ." This is because the band believed that the name "The Messengers" was more closely allianced with our youthful goal in becoming future Christian leaders. Because of this change, the name Txuj Kev Hlub eventually disappeared from prior albums. Even though TKH became The Messengers, we truly trust that TKH has tremendously blessed our group. As a result, we named our studio TKH Sound Production. Under The Messengers, we have also produced six albums.

The utmost important thing for us is God’s love. God has guided us step-by-step, from our original goal to many achievements. We thank God for His love and guidance. We also thank you to our family, friends, who continually supports the ministry.

Thank You!